How to add the Member login feature

This article is about the original Webnode editor. If your site was created in the new editor, you can go to the new article How to Add Membership Registration to Your Website.

The member registration feature is a great new tool that allows your visitors to register for your website’s secure pages. After the registration process your visitors – registered members – will have access to all password protected pages on your website without any limitations. You will have the e-mail contacts of your registered members which you can then use to inform them about news and any important updates on your website. This feature is available with the Standard and Professional packages for personal and business website.

To effectively use this feature there are two types of forms you need to add to your page – the Member Registration form and the Member Login form.

How to add the Member Registration form
The Member Registration form allows your visitors to sign up for a member account for your website. Every registration has first to be approved by you before your new member can get access to the password protected pages on the website.

1. Go to your website editor and open the page where you want to place the Member Registration form.

2. Click on "More" in the toolbar, select "Widgets" and drag and drop the "Form Member Registration" widget anywhere on the page.

3. The Member registration form now appears on your page.

4. Don’t forget to publish the page so the registration form is visible to your visitors.

When a visitor fills in the form and submits the membership request a confirmation message appears on the website.

The website owner (i.e. you) will get an e-mail message about the new registration request which needs to be confirmed by clicking on the "here" link.

You can also confirm new members in the Member login management section.

How to add Member login form
Thanks to this new form your registered members can sign in and access the password protected pages of your website.

1. Click on "More", select "Widgets", then click on "Form Member Login" and drag it to the desired place.

2. The Member login form now appears on your site.

TIP: Insert the Member login form into your project using the "Advanced settings" button so it appears on every page of your website.

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