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You can now create a website fast and free. We don't place advertising on your site, and never will. We want you to be happy while using our technology.

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It really is that easy! All you need is an Internet browser and 5 minutes of your time. No download, no installation, no technical skills required.

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We know that a good looking website is important to you and here, you're well looked after.
Our graphic design professionals have prepared a wide variety of modern personal templates. There's something for everyone!

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  • Real time fast editing as you see it in the browser
  • No installation or configuration
  • Use your own domain
  • Photo galleries, polls, forums
  • Blogs, fulltext search, RSS
  • Detailed website statistics
  • Community and social features
  • Plenty of external gadgets and widgets

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User Testimonials

Mikko Kuronen: I created my business website with Webnode last year and found it much easier than I had imagined. Even a novice (like me) can make a good looking site without getting…4.5

Mikko Kuronen
Even a beginner can make a site

Make a website free

If you are looking to make a website free online, Webnode is your answer. To be present on the Internet is very important nowadays . Almost all companies have their own websites and keep blogs to inform their customers about latest news. Your personal website can also be a lot of fun. You can keep in touch with your relatives or friends, run a blog, and invite people to special events. Webnode is a remarkably easy website builder so why hesitate, make a website free with us now!

Make a website free in 5 minutes

Webnode is free and easy. You do not need to worry about how to create website anymore! You don’t need to install special programs or software or study books about programming to make a website free! You can add picture galleries to show pictures from your holidays, parties and other important events in your life. Your website can be include discussion forums or a chat box. Enhance your site with special widgets or integrate your site in social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Build a web page with Webnode today!

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