Domain names policies

Webnode provides a domain name registration as a paid service (described in paragraph 4 of the terms and conditions). On this page you can find rules and policies related to the domain names registrations and also rights and obligations of registered domain name holders.

You become a registered name holder by purchasing a domain name registration service from Webnode. The registered domain name is associated with a Webnode project. It is not possible to become a registered domain name holder without a Webnode user account and at least one active Webnode project (personal, business or e-commerce website).

Complaints about a registered domain name

Complaints about a registered name as well as any abuse can and should be reported to Webnode as described on the page in the section "Report abuse". You will receive a confirmation of the delivery.

Received complaints will be handled by Webnode's anti-abuse team and if possible you will receive a response in your language. However, default communication language is English.

After receiving a complaint or abuse report, Webnode will evaluate the contents of the complaint. In case the complaint is justified, Webnode will contact the owner of the domain (registered name holder) and ask him to take actions necessary to resolve the issue. In case of serious breach of terms and conditions, Webnode can disable the domain name immediately.

In case Webnode will evaluate the complaint as unjustified or in case Webnode won't be able to evaluate the complaint, there will be no actions taken against the domain name or its owner.

In either case you will be informed via e-mail about the resolution of the complaint or abuse report. In case Webnode won't be able to evaluate the complaint or the complaint will be rejected, you will receive an explanation and (if relevant) also referral to the competent parties in the specific issue.

Additional information for registered domain name holders

The registered domain name holders rights and responsibilities are defined by the ICANN and are listed at their Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities page.

More details about the role of the registrar, domain names and domain renewal are available at the ICANN Registrant Educational Materials page.

The Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement are also listed on the ICANN site.

Domain renewal and deletion policy

Upon reaching the expiry date, a domain name is automatically disabled and removed from your Webnode account. Domain expiration date is stated in the administration of the Webnode project which the domain is associated with. You will receive e-mail notifications about the domain name expiration 45, 30, 14, 7, 3 and 1 days prior to the expiration date and you will be also informed by an e-mail about the deletion of your domain name in case you decide not to renew the domain name.

Depending on the domain name TLD (top level domain) you can request a restoration of a domain name during a period after its deletion (redemption period). The redemption period varies by TLD and is not available for some domain names. This action (domain name restoration) is associated with extra fees. For gTLD (generic top level domain – e.g. com, net, org) restore prices are 150 USD (or 100 EUR). Restore prices for other TLDs may vary, starting at 150 USD (or 100 EUR).

Registration with privacy protection

Webnode offers a privacy protection service for domain registrations. This service is offered during the purchase of a new domain name. If you purchase privacy protection service, Webnode will make sure your personal details are not available publicly, however you are still the owner of the domain name.

The privacy protection service is provided by the associated company "Anonymouse Domains s.r.o.". By purchasing this service you agree with its conditions of use (available at

This service is only available for selected TLDs.

Customer obligations

Customer shall comply fully with the RAA 2013 provided by ICANN.