Why Every Small Business Should Be on Facebook

February 21st, 2012

Many companies are still in the dark about the true importance of being on Facebook. If you are one of those still reluctant to join the increasing trend of social networking, it’s worth paying attention to the tendencies now. The fastest growing social network offers many ways to promote your business, offering either paid advertising or a cost-free approach.

Over 845 Million Customers

Today more than 845 million users are registered on Facebook. This is truly a considerable amount of potential customers, a fact that should form a part of any efficient business objectives. The largest demographic is currently the 18-25 age group, and a slightly higher number of women users overall.

Shared Preferences

Facebook has tackled online public anonymity, a past concern manifested in the mass of concealed and anonymous online profiles, yet now the online community is no longer fixed on being “faceless”. Virtual friendships are now based on rapports that have their roots based in the real world. Authentic friendships nurture communication, and any “like” between friends is highly valued. Preferences shared on Facebook are surely the most highly effective form of advertising.

Marked Advantages

Low cost: Launching a Facebook page is completely free but take note that an experienced social networker should be in charge and always consider that reaching success will take time.

Measurability: Facebook provides detailed statistics about your page, so you can count on accurate metrics regarding your activities such as posts or events.

Social integration: You can always post a link to your blog, or broadcast a YouTube video on your Facebook page to integrate more platforms.

Features to Try Now

Among the many forms in which your company can be present on Facebook, why not trying the following most popular methods of gaining valuable exposure?

• Facebook pages

• Advertising (cost per click)

• Apps such as games or sending gifts

• “Like” and “Share” buttons

Do you currently manage a corporate Facebook fan page? What are your experiences? And what about your business website? Check guide how to create it.