What to write in a blog

November 7th, 2018

Willing to start a blog but you don’t have any idea where to start? Check out these helpful tips so you can start blogging today!

First things first. You will need to decide what your blog will be about. Whether it’s for business purposes or because you just want to write a few lines a day, make sure you choose something that will reflect your content. Pick a topic that you are good at and write for your own followers.

These are some of the trend topics on the internet today.


Lifestyle blogs are one of the most popular on the internet today. Given the variety of subjects you can write about, they can attract a wide range of readers. Politics, cultural events, vlogging or other personal interests cover the most popular lifestyle bloggers. Writing about events, games or just sharing your experience with your job, can help you bring in some extra funds.


Fashion is a big industry with a massive audience. If you have an eye for beauty and you are interested in the latest fashion trends, you can definitely start a fashion blog. You can write about almost anything related to fashion, starting from the latest trends to specific topics like sportswear or different shoe styles. If you become a successful fashion blogger, you can even be invited by big brands to promote their products or receive free merchandise.


Parenting is a well-known niche among bloggers and you can easily turn a profit from it. Sharing your personal stories and experiences with your readers on pregnancy tips or raising responsible children are just some interesting topics related to parenting. In this field, there are literally tons of relevant and useful topics to write about. And you know what? There are also a lot of products for kids of all ages you can promote and earn money from.


Food blogs attract a lot of people these days. If you like to try new recipes, give tips on healthy eating or just review some of the greatest restaurants in your hometown, a food blog might be your thing. They have a great potential to develop a large audience and loyal readers. If you are smart enough, you can also promote specific restaurants and earn some free dinners.

Personal Finance

Do you like numbers and figures? Why not advise others about managing their personal finances or achieving their dream projects? Tips on budgeting, ideas on how to stay out of debt or how to start a business are some of the exciting topics you can write about. You can also share your experience on personal investments and profit from it, offering your services as a financial consultant or personal finance coach.

Health and Fitness

With more and more people turning to healthy habits, fitness bloggers have a golden opportunity to stand out as valuable advisers. Exercise workouts, weight loss or strength training are some of the tips you can cover up. Through sponsored content, the sale of health supplements or just direct marketing, you can turn your blog into a helpful and profitable source of ideas.


Travel blogs are not as popular as lifestyle or fashion blogs, but they can create a massive share of devoted followers. Helping your readers learn more about traveling with kids, show them the best destinations or simply record your packing plan, are some of the good tips you can write about in your travel blog. You can also share your personal experiences and help your readers avoid common mistakes. Advertising and well-written sponsored posts can turn your blog into a profitable source.


Passionate about crafting? Create a DIY blog and build a solid community where readers can read about your personal projects and share their crafts. Following other niche blogs, DIY is rapidly growing among young enthusiasts searching for new ideas. You can easily show off your handcraft products and profit from them. When it comes to providing you with additional means of earning income, workshops are also a great solution.

What you are waiting for? Choose a topic and start writing your own blog today. Here are some useful instructions to help you started.

How to create a website:


How to create a Blog:


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