What Can Google Do For Your Website?

January 18th, 2012

Google is known by almost all Internet users as currently the most popular search engine, yet this is not the only Google tool which can help you effectively promote your site and make it more attractive. There’s more! We’ve collected the best Google tools for you here.

Website Publicity

Google has not only developed a successful search engine, but is now giving opportunity for website owners to greatly benefit from searches.

Detailed reports of visibility and notifications of critical issues are only a fraction of what Webmaster tools can do. Equally clever, Google Analytics provides a complete overview of website traffic and your site’s effectiveness regarding selected marketing activities. And how to make your website really visible in Google? Choose Google Adwords, which allows your site to appear in the sponsored links next to search results.

Consulting, setup, and management of advertising campaigns by our marketing specialist can also be found among our services!

Attractive Content

When users start coming to your website, the story isn’t over. You need to grab their attention! Be sure to take advantage of the wide variety of Google tools available. For example, Google Maps can display your location, a tool which includes Google Street View, a very impressive feature! Try Youtube for extra appeal, in just a few clicks you can insert any video on your site. Some might surely welcome the opportunity to create forms such as contact forms, order forms, registration forms, among others that may already exist in Google Docs. Last but not least, we highly recommend Google Gadgets where you can find 270 000 widgets in one place, like calendars, slideshows, counters, chat, games and other clever gadgets.

But beware of excessive use of widgets, more is not always better! Visitors can be daunted by too many widgets on your website.

Communication with Visitors

If visitors are satisfied and enjoy returning from time to time, offer them something more personal! Create your own page on Google +. A serious rival of Facebook, this social network offers a great opportunity for your site or business, which helps you maintain close ties with your visitors, gain traffic, get backlinks, and increase awareness about your site or brand.

Which search tool or feature do you like best? Are you planning on developing SEO on your website? Try the step-by-step guide.