User Website Outages: When the House We Live in Is Being Upgraded

December 8th, 2023
sevices migration

At Webnode, we constantly strive to improve the quality of service for our customers. Our development department is currently working on fundamental changes to the server infrastructure – the environment in which we run your websites. We are migrating it to a significantly faster and more reliable cloud solution that will allow us to provide you with better service. 

We Are Currently Enhancing Several Key Website Features for You: 

  • Measuring statistics  

Website statistics are a key metric for most of you when running your website. Tracking visitor statistics is important for growing your business and understanding your customers better. Once updated, your website will be able to record traffic without lag, allowing you to get faster and more accurate statistics. 

  • Site security  

Nowadays, online security is essential. That’s why we want to ensure your website is protected from the latest threats. We are improving protection against DDoS attacks, in which attackers try to cause a site to fail by overloading it. Thanks to the update, we can ward off these attacks better and protect your business. 

  • Website stability even under high load   

After the update, your website will be more stable and reliable even during heavy traffic. Whether you have a lot of customers or fans, your website can manage these mass visits without any downtime. The websites of users with lower premium tariffs will also be more stable. 

  • Better Google rankings

Google ranks websites according to two principal factors, speed, and security. This means that after the update, your site will be of higher quality in Google’s eyes and will rank better in searches. 

Webnode users have created 45 million websites in its 15 years of operation. This is a huge amount of data that changes in real time. All this data is now being transferred from the old system to the new one. This may cause short-term limitations in the fluidity of customer websites. 

We therefore apologize for any difficulties that you might experience in the following weeks including: 

  • website slowdowns, 
  • related service outages, 
  • problems logging in or using the editor, 
  • longer loading or saving times, 
  • inaccuracy in the calculation of website statistics. 

After temporary limitations, which we try to minimize as much as possible, all our customers will have access to a faster and more modern website builder service. 

When Will the Update Be Completed? 

We will complete the infrastructure upgrade by the end of 2023. Our development team is doing everything possible to make this a stable transition. If you experience any slowdowns on your website or online store, we apologize in advance. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and loyalty to our service–which we are constantly improving for you.