Website Footer: The last, but not least important element

November 9th, 2020
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A website footer is a part of every page of your web. Even though you might think that it’s just the place for the “boring” information, the truth might be much more interesting than that. With our guide, you can become a “footer master” and create a truly important and useful part of your website.

First things first: How can you edit the footer in the Webnode editor?

  • Click on the bottom part of your website – where the footer text is – and you can start editing. Just like that.

How to edit footer text and insert a link.

  • Removing the message “Powered by Webnode” from the footer is available with our Standard and Profi Premium Plans.

What kind of content belongs to the footer?

  • The first thing to add is your copyright message. Protect your copyright, and don’t let anybody copy content at will from your website. The usual message looks like this: Copyright © 2020 | Your Name.
  • The footer is also the place where to put all your contact information. How to get in touch, customer support, PR person – everyone your customers might need.
  • If you have a slogan, repeat it here.
  • This is also a great spot to place links to the official documents like Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.
  • You can also add links to your social networks.
  • If the main menu of your website is too extensive, the footer is a great place to link to your partners, additional services, affiliate programs and so on.

Website footer full of information, yet simple and clean.

If you want your footer to look attractive, you can set one of the photos or pictures from our database as a background. Or you can choose one of your photos to complement the rest of your website.

Is the footer too small for your needs and you would like to add more information in there? That can be solved easily – just add a section right above the footer. It will look like a part of your footer and will accommodate more information.

Extended footer with a background in color.

How did your footer turn out? Let us have a peek in the comments! Are you planning on developing SEO on your website? Try the step-by-step guide.