Webnode’s Affiliate Program

August 13th, 2021
Become Webnodes Affiliate and earn 100USD for any Premium Package

Earning money online is easy. All you need to do is register for Webnode’s Affiliate Program.

Get $100 for any first Premium Plan

Whenever someone comes from your website to Webnode to register a new account with us and purchase any of our Premium Plans:

Limited, Mini, Standard, Profi, or Business

you will receive a 100 USD commission. This happens when a plan is purchased for one website for the first time. Just imagine if that new customer creates several websites and buys 3 plans – you will have 300 USD extra to spend on your next holiday!

You bring us customers. We bring you money.

Timing is not always everything. The new customer you recommended is associated with your affiliate account and our system. Forever. It does not matter when this user purchases a Premium Plan.

Let’s have a look at how it works:

You have your website (with any provider). Upon registering as an affiliate with Webnode you receive a unique referral link, which you embed into your site. Now, every visitor of your site who lands on any of our portal pages is tracked.

When a visitor decides to sign up within 90 days and at any time later purchases a Premium Package for his/her website, you get your 100 USD commission. The user may register multiple website projects and purchase Premium Plans for all of them; in that case, you will receive multiple commissions. Even if the first Plan is bought many years later.

Note that you need to have earned a minimum of 300 USD for the commission to be paid out. Once you reached this amount, your affiliate account will be verified. The verification process involves a PIN that we send you via post, which you then need to confirm by sending us an email.

After that, your account is fully set up and you can reap the rewards.

More projects, more money

The number of projects a user can have is unlimited. Many have more than just one website. After all, they came on your recommendation and will be keen to develop their websites for various purposes.

For example, Mr. Mondo has just registered with Webnode after learning about us via your site. He created an online store to sell brand-new mobile devices and their fancy accessories around the world. In his free time, he is chasing wild boars with his camera. Who would have known about his funny hobby, if he had not created his photography portfolio site?

And you have earned a double commission, as two first Premium Packages were purchased for two website projects. Sounds easy, right?

Simple referral links

You can direct our users to Webnode without special codes or links. Thanks to so-called DirectLinks, you only need to enter your website address to your affiliate account. We will approve and confirm the DirectLink you set up.

Once confirmed, the system sets a mask for your website, from which customers will come to Webnode without the need to click on anything on your site. All they have to do is open your website and then open Webnode’s website and register.

DirectLinks, in comparison to banners or integrated affiliate links through linked text or images, is less pushy and presumptuous. Let’s admit it, we all prefer subtleness and fewer loud adverts nowadays.

Why not start now?


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