The Evolution of Webnode: 15 Years in Timeline

October 20th, 2023
Webnode 15 years

From the prehistory of web creation to the AI age

In 2023, Webnode is celebrating its 15th company anniversary. Explore Webnode’s (hi)story in the interactive way! Move the cursor around the timeline, open other sources, or simply go through the most important points in Webnode history.

Discover more and be inspired by Webnode customers and their successful journey. And if you are wondering, who are Webnoders, find answer in article about Webnode internal life.

Wow! An incredible thing has happened. Webnode CEO Josef Hos and Chief Personnel Officer Zuzana Marková answered our questions about their work and experience at Webnode. What do they wish for the future and how do they remember the past years at Webnode?

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