Webnode Speaks 25 Languages

September 26th, 2013

Celebrating 25 languages!

We are celebrating the International Day of Languages by announcing that Webnode now speaks 25 languages! It’s a milestone we are really proud of. We started with English in 2008, and then Spanish, Czech and Slovak, and already five years have passed. Thousands of hours working side by side with native translators, burning many dictionaries on the way. And all for a mission for everyone to easily create their own website and blog.

So far in 2013, our web builder has been available in 5 +1 new languages: Catalan, Turkish, Norwegian, Romanian and Vietnamese. With Korean soon “graduating”. Although let it be our friend Sunhwa, to announce its launch.

Celebrating 25 languages!

Languages are learned through talking and listening. Exactly what you do every day. So over the last year we have strengthened and expanded our presence in social networks and our customer care team, too. With more people and more languages. Because the best way to provide help daily, is to be easy to understand.

In this article today, we also want to encourage you to participate. And it’s simple. Whenever you see something that is not well-written in your language, let us know! In the form which is best for you. You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or in the comment section of the blog.

And for you, are languages also very important on your website? Share your opinion!