Web of the Month – News in Levels

Our winner of the website of the month is our user from Czech Republic, Mr. Zdeněk Vaníček, with his website News in levels – Easy English reading and listening. Mr. Vaníček teaches English. He was disappointed that he couldn’t find any suitable source of spoken English. For his curious students he needed text in spoken English of multiple language knowledge levels. After searching in vain, he chose to create such a resource himself. With Webnode!

Currently three people are working on the website which offers news in English especially for English language learners. Each article is written in three levels, determined by the vocabulary applied. There are plenty of sites with spoken English, but you can find them in several levels only at News in Levels. And why exactly Webnode?

“When I was looking for a system to run my website, I chose Webnode. I had good experience with it previously. First of all, I could already navigate well in the system which was for me, a layman, important for creating a website. “

For more than a year, Mr. Vaníček’s project passed various stages of development. Initially, it was not very successful. Although he contacted language schools, teachers and news sites, both domestic and foreign, there was not much interest in such a project. But then it began to flourish:

“First the biggest English language learning website in the Czech Republic, Help For English, published an article about us, and it brought the first 200 visitors. Thanks to this project, we started to believe in our project more and more. Nevertheless, there was a period where there was nearly no traffic and we were standing there asking ourselves whether there’s any interest in our project. We wanted to drop it many times, but at that moment either visits rose by a few dozen or we got a positive message and so we decided to continue. Today we have thousands of visitors a week.

Language level 1 with recordings from “Funny” on the site NewsInLevels.com

The site owners tried paid advertising, but ultimately chose to stop. Their efforts now focus mainly on a good position in organic search results, and customer satisfaction:

“We have recently started to add narrated text by a simple system of inserting a widget, advised by Webnode. We try to offer good service within our means.”

Evidence of the fact that the project is going in the right direction is a recent article in one of the most famous Czech online tech magazines Lupa.cz, considered similar to TheNextWeb in the English-speaking world. Still a lot of work awaits the owners. By the end of 2013, the plan is to have 100,000 hits a day and become the world’s leading creator of the latest news for English language learners.

We wish News In Levels the best of luck in achieving its goals and Mr. Vaníček and his partners continued success for the project! Don’t forget to read the guide on how to create a business website.