Variants are here: Sell your products in all sizes, colors or flavors

September 26th, 2018
Sell your products in all sizes, colors or flavors

One of the most requested features for our new online store is the ability to add product variants. Now we have an easy way for you to sell your products in different sizes, colors or flavors ready for you. Add product variants and let your customers order exactly what they want. Check also our step by step guide how to start eshop.

Product variants

How to create product variants

You will find product variants in the pop-up window for adding and editing products. This window is organized into several tabs making product management really easy. You can start creating general categories after clicking the section “Variants.” Then, you can create specific variants for each of your products, like color, size or material. Each variant you create will be saved and automatically offered when editing other products.

Creating product variants

Setting up a product variant

For each of the variants, you’ll be able to set a different price, product number, the number of that product left in stock or hide the variant in your store. All you need to do is activate the variant setup and fill in the fields.

Product Variant settings

Free vs Premium version

Product variants are included in the Profi Premium Plan. If you have the free version, Limited or Mini Premium Plan, you can test how variants work. Your customers can select from individual variants, but you won’t be able to see the customer details necessary for fulfilling orders. With the Standard Premium Plan, you can also try out how variants work. However, your customers won’t be able to see the variants in the published version of your store.

Tip: You’ll find variants useful if you’re offering products in various sizes or weights. If you want your customers to pick from different color shades based on their pictures, we recommend that you create an individual product for each color.

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