Transform CONs to PROs – Homepage

January 28th, 2013

The homepage of your website determines if visitors’ first impression of your website will be good or bad. You can encourage your visitors to remain on your website and even get them to enjoy the content. We bring another round of tips in our series about how to Transform cons to pros”.

There are many factors in a homepage that can end up scaring visitors away instead of attracting them. Be aware of these. Such factors can be the design, the structure, navigation and also the text.

Tip 1. Navigation

When the homepage is too long, the visitor may get lost in the content, and end up forgetting why they came to your site. Try to have a short homepage, so that the visitor doesn’t need to scroll down to see it fully. Express your main topics in a simple and clear manner.

How to do it

Use a “Tag Cloud” to show visitors your main themes, so they’ll find what they need, as well as other relevant subjects. This widget will filter the labels or tags that you include in your articles, which can be descriptions of images and product names. To insert a tag cloud, go to the homepage and click on Widgets > Webnode widgets > Tag cloud.

Tip 2. Call to action

Highlight the action you really want people to take. Encourage them to click on a specific page or an icon that will redirect them to a more interesting part of your website.

How to do it

Let’s say you own a website to showcase your store, and your goal is to increase sales using your site for ordering online. In this case, place a button “Purchase” which will direct visitors to the page where they can order online.

Click to test the example:

Tip 3. Content

You can and should add content such as images, banners, widgets, recent articles, and even videos on your homepage, but be cautious when adding all this content, because you don’t want to get your visitors confused because of such a big variety.

How to do it

The number of content elements such as widgets, banners and videos, must be 5 at the most. Any further elements that exceed this number should appear on other pages of the site.

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