Tips for Effective Communication with Customer Support

January 13th, 2012

There are plenty of tips on how a company should provide customer service but have you seen any tips on the best way to communicate with the support team? Only a few things are needed for effective, quick results to the satisfaction of both parties, and it’s not hard at all! Check out these tips.

Approximately 10,000 inquiries come to us every month. We usually reply to Premium customers within one day, and to all others within three days. Next time you write to our support department, try to consider the following 4 simple points. You’ll see how fast and easy communication will get.

Fill out “Contact support”

Write to us using the “Contact support” form on your site which gives us complete information about your account and project. Using this form cuts email exchanges by at least one message.

Use Relevant Information

In the description of your problem, always include useful, descriptive and relevant information but we know that sometimes it’s hard to know what is relevant. For example, if you have a problem with logging in to your site: “I can’t log in. What should I do?” is not enough. Instead, we recommend the following: “I tried to log in several times but the login page just loads and there is no error message. My username and password are definitely correct. What should I do? Thanks.” It’s even better if you can attach a screenshot of the problem!

Make it Short

Too detailed and lengthy questions just slow down our understanding of the problem. Support staff will spend more time figuring out what’s important in your message than on the real solution to the problem. This is not the goal. After all, we want to help you as quickly as possible.

A Smile Always Helps

As in life, a negative approach doesn’t usually help the problem at hand. Remember there are people on the other side, so nice and friendly behavior always ensures smooth communication and accelerates an effective resolution to the problem.

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These were some tips to improve our communication. What advice would you give us?