The Top Benefits of Affiliate Networks

August 19th, 2013

What are Affiliate NetworksAffiliate networks are platforms that join advertisers selling products / services with webmasters who want to earn money promoting these products / services. An affiliate network is the middleman between the advertiser and webmaster, providing lucrative benefits to both parties. Continue reading to discover all the advantages for advertisers and affiliates.

How Bloggers and Webmasters Benefit from Affiliate Networks

Bloggers and webmasters who register in affiliate networks benefit from a number of advantages that should be taken into account:

1. In affiliate networks, bloggers and webmasters will find a wide variety of affiliate programs dealing with a variety of products to promote. With this, they can choose the products best suited to their audience. For example, if a webmaster has a website related to diets and beauty, it makes sense for them to promote products related to beauty, slimming and a mainly female audience.

2. They can easily compare the commissions across affiliate programs.

3. The opportunity to participate in different affiliate programs at the same time and therefore have several sources of income.

4. There are no issues surrounding payments since the person who will pay you is not a company but an affiliate network.

The only drawback I can find is that approval is needed from some affiliate programs. You may not be accepted to these programs if your site does not meet all requirements.

How Companies Benefit From Affiliate Networks

Companies that register in affiliate networks to promote their products enjoy several advantages that can boost their business.

1. The main advantage is that you can reach thousands of potential new affiliates who will promote your products.

2. Running on a CPA (cost per action) system means the company only pays when having been paid. In addition, affiliate networks handle payments to the affiliates.

3. Affiliate networks are an excellent way for small businesses to expand their branding and online business, and make their products known nationally or internationally.

The only drawback are initial fees that companies have to pay for entry into an affiliate network. But compared to the time and cost it would take to implement a system of internal affiliates, this solution is a great advantage. The customer care services are also provided by affiliate networks, so the investment is justified.

Do you have any experience with affiliate networks? As a company that advertises or as a webmaster who promotes the services? Wondering how to monetize your own website? We have a detailed guide for you.