The How and Why of Facebook Contests

June 15th, 2012

A well-planned Facebook contest can be rewarding for any company. It’s a great way to enhance brand awareness, as well as gain new fans and potential customers. But it’s not all that simple! There are some strict rules, so read how to run a Facebook contest here and find out what goals you need to set. If you want to run a Facebook contest, this article is for you!

How to Run a Facebook Contest

Read the Facebook contest rules so you’ll get a clear idea of the do’s and don’ts. Consider the following most important points:

  • Don’t run the contest on a Facebook wall – it requires a Facebook application
  • Don’t use the “Like” button as a way to vote
  • Don’t contact the winners through Facebook
  • Don’t encourage participants to like your page

In order to evade rules imposed by Facebook, be as creative and original as possible, bearing in mind the goals that your company has for the contest. These goals could be anything from selling more, brand promotion, promoting a product or a particular event, to attracting more fans, and so on.

For your contest to reach a large number of participants, part of your contest budget should be invested in Facebook Ads. Sponsored Ads in Facebook complement your marketing strategy and make your brand visible within the social network. With Facebook Ads, you’ll not only attract new participants, but more fans! 

Why Run a Facebook Contest?

Each company, brand, or community with its own characteristics, has a distinct aspect regarding contests. But take a look at these advantages that are common to everyone:

  • Brand awareness increases and greater interest is generated
  • Visitor numbers and therefore the number of potential customers increase
  • A stronger connection between buyer and seller is established
  • Consumer confidence for your brand is reinforced
  • Viral marketing may result

These points demonstrate how a Facebook contest can be profitable for you. Any business that is not on Facebook these days, is losing ground to competitors.

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