Quick Tip: Test Your Website’s Load Time

February 27th, 2013

Did you know that if the load time of a web page is 4 seconds, you lose at least 25% of your visitors? Every second counts. The faster your site loads on a computer or mobile phone for visitors, the greater the possibility that they will stay on your web page. Want to know more about your website performance? Read on!

There are many excellent tools online that can help you measure the speed of your site. We selected the most useful ones in the following list:

1. Pingdom

Pingdom tests the speed of your website and gives you a short summary. In addition, you will be provided detailed information on the loading of each file on the page in question.

test page loading time

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Get help from Google PageSpeed Insights for both standard and mobile version of your website. Put a link to your site or a particular page and click “Analyze”.

Google will show you a list of tips to improve the loading time of the page according to the priority of changes that need to be done. Once you see page speed on a computer, click “Mobile” to find out if there are any problems with the speed of the mobile site.

How can I optimize my site to make it faster?

In the upcoming article “Transform CONs to PROs: Make a website faster”, we will go into a detailed explanation on how you can get the best loading speed of your website Webnode to be around 1-2 seconds to keep your visitors.

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