Take the First Steps in LinkedIn

July 5th, 2012

Among the dozens of social networks that currently coexist, it’s not easy to decide which is the best for promoting a company. However, there is one that stands out from the rest. We are talking about LinkedIn, the widest social network for professionals at the moment. If you are not yet familiar with LinkedIn, we recommend you to follow our article and take the first steps!

What is LinkedIn

It’s the most popular social network for business nowadays. More than 160 million users and 2 million companies are already registered in LinkedIn, therefore it’s considered to be the biggest professional database online. It is an ideal platform to be up to date with the news of your business field and to forge strong links with other professionals of your sector.

Advantages and uses of LinkedIn

Take a look at these advantages to this social network.
LinkedIn offers you the opportunity of:

  • Reaching new customers
  • Recruiting staff for your company
  • Knowing the trends of your professional sector
  • Being up-to-date with the progress of your competitors
  • Gaining alliances with other companies
  • Getting in contact with investors which are interested in your business

First steps

1. Registering. Before starting to use this social network, it’s necessary to register on the official LinkedIn webpage.

2. Complete your personal profile. Invest all the time that you need to fill up the profile with all possible details about your professional career. Think that your profile will be your online business card, therefore it’s essential to revise it often and keep it updated.

3. Adding a company page. Not everybody can do this, because it is necessary to demonstrate that the profile owner is part of that company and he is acting in the name of the firm. We suggest reading the tutorial about how to add a company page and the requirements to add and modify one.

Expand your network

Once your profile and company pages are completed, it’s time to start building contacts to expand your visibility in LinkedIn. The idea is to reach as many LinkedIn users as possible. The more contacts you get, the higher your chance of finding customers and people interested in your company.

We hope that this introduction to LinkedIn is useful for you and encourage you to start using this professional social network. In the following articles we’ll explain in detail about how to use LinkedIn for business promotion.

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