Success Story: Trabajos por el mundo

Spanish users Malena Mangas and Saskia Van Liempt are linked to the world of communication (journalist and publicist, respectively). In September 2011 they decided to create their page at Webnode together, “Trabajos por el mundo” (“Jobs around the world”) a website that aims to help in the search for employment outside Spain. Malena and Saskia seek the best and most reliable jobs, that they advertise to visitors. In less than a year of its existence, the site got more than 40,000 visits per month. We had the opportunity to interview Malena, and through it we learned more about the success of a website at Webnode.

Website: Trabajos por el mundo
Webmasters: Malena Mangas (journalist) and Saskia Van Liempt (publicist)

Malena, how did you get the idea for the site?

Both Saskia and I have much experience in seeking employment abroad, and it’s a fact that in Spain the sectors of journalism and advertising are very unstable. Therefore we think that the knowledge we accumulated throughout our careers could be helpful for people. In September last year, we thought of a website called “Vente a Alemania” (“Come to Germany”), which promotes offers for Spanish workforce for the country. However, at the end we decided to expand worldwide to help those who do not know where to look for these jobs.

Why do you think your site has been so successful?

Searching for work outside Spain is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the past years it has become fashionable that TV programs show what life is like outside the country, this has also contributed a lot to make people dream about working abroad. For example, before people considered the idea of emigrating as a great misfortune, but now we’re finding out just how rewarding it is for a personal career.

Can a website be useful for an unemployed person, for example to show their CV and previous work?

I think it’s fundamental. Demonstrating what you do makes you a leader. There are areas where you cannot find work without having your own website, for example, designers, journalists and those working in the advertising and marketing industries, because they are people who need to be constantly showing off their skills. But I think even in any other sector, the availability of a website could be a big advantage. Imagine, for example, a person who is a passionate cook and has a blog where they shares recipes and tips. Or even a teacher. I know the story of a math teacher who began to share articles and activities on a website. Today it is one of the methods through which he gets the most money. In short, a web presence is absolutely necessary if you want to make a difference.

You created the page with Webnode. Which part of our system do you like to use the most?

Webnode has several advantages. First it’s straightforward and automatic. Once you have the idea of what you want to do with your website, at Webnode you can have it up and running in one afternoon. You notice it in a few days and it already appears in all search engines. Even if you’re knowledgeable about it and index well by adding good keywords, you’ll be in a good position in search results quickly. Of course, there are many other important advantages such as the templates, possibility of integration into social networks, creating custom URLs and use of your own domain.

Do you think it’s important to have your own domain?
Absolutely. It’s a very cheap option that puts you out in the world. It is basic. It must be said that the subdomains of Webnode work great. If you want your free web, with a free subdomain, you’ll do great. However, if your business is more serious, it’s important to register your own domain.

From where do people come to your site?

Right now we have awesome traffic from Google, partly because we are in an industry with high demand. There are people who come directly to us by searching for “jobs in the world”, but many visitors find us on Google for keywords such as “work in Switzerland”, “work in Germany” or “internships”. We also get a lot of visitors through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Do you use any SEO technique?

With Webnode you can easily edit the URL address from the properties of each page. And globally, we pay great attention to the meta-tags on the pages. We have defined both the keywords and the description very well. We believe that if you set it up properly, the rest works virtually alone. We start optimizing tags and keywords individually for each article to further improve our SEO.

Thank you Malena for allowing us to conduct the interview. Good luck and success to both the website and visitors in search of employment! Don’t forget to read the guide on how to create a business website.