Success Story: It’s possible to dream!

Her name is Ana Batista, she is Portuguese and despite being only 14 years old, she has a life story to tell and has even written a book. Ana was overweight and had a sedentary life. One day she decided it was time to change: She changed her habits, started to have a healthy diet and physical exercise and after only a few months, Anna changed! Anna wanted to do more, so she created a website with Webnode to help others in the same situation and gave interviews for television. Get to know more about Ana and her story, as told by her.


1. Ana, tell us a little of your history.

I was a very sedentary child, unconnected with physical exercise and came to be seen as overweight. In December 2011, with a height of only 1.55 m I weighed about 68kg! From January 1, 2012, I made the decision to change! From January to July I lost (totally healthy) about 16kg and gained some taste for physical exercise. I learned to have a healthy diet because, above all, the most important thing is to change habits and learn about your own nutrition. Now I’m about 52 kg and 1.56 m tall and I feel much better about myself! I remain very motivated and prepared to help others with what I know if they intend to lose weight.

2. How did you get the idea for creating your website?

I’m not expert or a nutritionist, but what was more important than this is that I had the experience and I overcame it. Telling my experience and sharing my story about weight loss can motivate more people to do the same (in a healthy way)! On my website you will find the testimony of someone who has gone through a big change and who knows how much it costs to go through it. But above all, someone willing to change lives and help others to do the same, encouraging them, and sharing with them some questions and other things typical for this subject.

3. Your website helps other people, but does it also help you?

Even having created the website only when I had already lost enough weight, the website brought me a sense of happiness and be purpose for others. Without a doubt this website taught me even more to share and also be happy with the happiness of others. To be able to help and see that they are doing well also makes me very proud of them. This brings me peace of mind and teaches me a lot, personally and socially.

4. Visitors can ask questions and leave messages on your website. How important are these communication tools?

I like to feel that people are active on the website and ready to fight for themselves. These communication tools are crucial in order to establish contact between me and the website visitors so that both can share experiences, questions, etc… I try to always respond as soon as possible so people don’t think that I gave up on helping them. This kind of “volunteering” makes me feel happy and useful, and leaves me with the strength to continue to help.

5. Do you believe that a website is the ideal tool for disseminating stories like yours to help others?

Yes, because it is a quick, simple, and effective way to reach many people and educate them about a recurring problem such as obesity. Many people want to lose weight but they don’t try, or give up because they do not feel able to do it. On my website I want to show that we are all capable, regardless of the difficulties. Above all, it’s a matter of challenging ourselves and to fight, especially when we are tempted to give up.

6. Why did you choose Webnode? What is the best thing about our system?

Essentially what attracted me was the fact that it is a free website and is easy to work with. Webnode is as good as, or even better than paid websites and offers us a lot of user-friendly tools. It’s impossible not to like Webnode! I have friends who share the same opinion and use Webnode already for a long time.

7. What are your plans for the future?

For now, I want to continue sharing with those that visit the website experiences, motivation, and other things related to nutrition and fitness. As I’ve already written a book maybe in the future I will consider compiling the data for writing another book, but it still has to be very well thought out and considered.

Thanks Ana for the interview. The Webnode team congratulates you for your willpower and hopes you can continue to help others live better lives. Hopefully this interview will inspire even more people to follow your excellent example! Are you planning to create your own website? Try this step-by-step guide.