Success story: Fortune favors the bold!

“Fortune favors the bold!” says Mr. Militký, owner of NET Contact Ltd., one of the largest distributors and dealers of designer dog fashion and accessories in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He runs a variety of sites in Webnode, about sales and logistics his company provides. How does his story begin? A few years ago it was impossible to find quality goods in this part of the market, virtually everything was imported. The wife of Mr. Militký didn’t accept this. She decided to take a chance and open a small e-shop. Then she added a small boutique and expanded the e-shop.Today, together they have a dog fashion wholesale company and are exclusive distributors of famous brands. And going beyond the borders of their country.

Mr. Militký, how did you get to Webnode?
Choosing the right technology is never easy, especially when you are looking for long-term benefits. So the path to Webnode was not an easy one. On the market there are many solutions that can offer the same or similar results, but with a big question mark. Will the chosen technology be enough in the future? Will the provider really develop the project? Will the price be acceptable? Will we always get professional support? The list of risks could be substantially longer.

Why did you finally decide with Webnode?
Webnode technology meets all standardized technological demands of the outside world. It has a very intuitive and well-organized administration interface, that’s not missing anything which we’d need for our job, and it’s very simple to use. This is proven by my own experience I got from testing the user interface with my nine year daughter. She wanted her own website for a long time, and this was a good chance to try to see how Webnode works. Unlike other web technologies tested, the test for Webnode was positive and turned out better than expected. And last but not least, a real plus for me was the price equivalent to comfort, which we get not only from the development of projects, but also in terms of reliability and quality support from the Webnode people.

How well can Webnode help in the success of your business?
Undoubtedly it helped us and still helps. The costs are a fraction to the benefits. I must say that at this moment our company runs more than 30 websites with Webnode. Every time I check the key indicators in Google Analytics regarding attendance, customer behavior and compare the result with the business, I have a smile on my face. Regarding costs, Webnode has a price so low in relation to each paying customer that other marketing tools can not match with Webnode. At least in our business sector. To get an idea take a look at for example, one of many microsites.

A sample of microsites created by Webnode

Which SEO and SEM tools do you use for your website?
We use all available features which can be used for our projects. We are not innovators, only users. The fact is that our people are trained and know how to work well with these tools. The main thing, however, is to have the technology that allows us to manage and use keyword tools. Of what use would a correctly written H1 title be, if it was displayed in the wrong place or wouldn’t be visible at all in the HTML code? Then search engines wouldn’t give you the positive ranking you’re looking for. Webnode meets all the standards and looks good as well:).

What features and functions in Webnode do you appreciate (that makes it much easier to work on the site)?
Time is money, and I must say the speed: the speed with which such a website can be created, and the user level. Everything is fully automated, you do not need any help programmers or other specialists. Our projects generally use a full range of modules, and thus the full functionality.

What are your plans for the future?
As I said in the beginning, I chose Webnode technology very carefully and I spent some time testing it, because I thought about it in relation to the future development of our business. At this point, active planning for entry into foreign markets. Here, of course, Webnode is not missing anything. The technology has proven itself in the long run, the numbers show us the benefits, and now we will only migrate and adapt the sites for foreign markets.

Thank you for finding time in your busy calendar and we wish you luck and strength to conquer foreign markets. We are honored that we can be a part of the project! Are you planning to create your own website? Try this step-by-step guide.