Site Building Tips for Photographers

January 6th, 2012

Make a photography websiteAre you a photographer? Do you want to showcase your work? Then creating a website is the ideal solution for you! Perhaps you ask why photos need to be on a website when there’s Picasa or Flickr. The answer is simple. A website is where sales are made!

Minimalist Templates

To enhance your photos, templates should be clean, simple, with well-chosen color schemes. Choose black as the dominant color of your template, which heightens contrast.


The portfolio is the most important part of your site because it shows your skills. Efficiently displayed in the Webnode gallery by lightbox, your photos won’t just look amazing, they’ll captivate your audience. Remember that the portfolio should contain only your very best work.

Contact Form

Be ready for your visitors by adding contact info and conditions under which you provide the services. Insert an order form you send to potential customers on demand. You’ll no longer waste time contacting clients, only to find out you cannot meet the requirements.

Sell Online

Once done, you need to send the results to the customer. Burning photos to a CD or sending them by email is not very practical. However, in the exclusive client zone, customers can download your photos anytime and even make purchases. Webnode simplifies this purchasing process, saving time for you and your customers.

Check out these websites for inspiration: Pavel Kovacerik, Amit Art, Kathryn Dishong. Streamline your photography business! Connect your site to social networks and watch orders multiply. Create a professional website for your photos today.

Do you have a photography website with Webnode you’d like to share? Wondering how to create a website? Check the step-by-step guide.