SEO Tips: Link Building Strategies

April 24th, 2012

Link building is a common way to increase website traffic. It is an efficient technique to ensure higher rankings in search engines, and it’s easy. Link building is simply getting other websites to link to your page! Where and how can you get backlinks and what should you watch out for?

First and foremost go for reciprocal linking with relevant websites. Keep in mind that the better and more relevant your referring page is, the more search engines will prefer your website in search rankings.

How to Build Links?

Get backlinks easily when people link to your website content. Read the following link building techniques to help augment your site traffic quickly and efficiently:

Register in Web Directories

There are thousands of directories online but consider carefully in which one you sign up. If you’re not sure which one to choose, Webnode offers registration to certified local or global directories. More information can be found in the administration of your website in the section “Get found in Google or Yahoo Directories?” – “Get listed in Directories”

Write a PR Article

You can submit an article to a news site online that publishes current and relevant news or events. Add links to your website in the article. There are sites specifically built for gathering such news items, and publication is usually free. With every publication, you get more backlinks! We recommend contacting content-specific blogs and portals, those that publish information relevant to yours.

Participate in Forums

There are countless forums online, focused on various topics. Start to contribute regularly and advise other users to do so as well. Many forums also include an option to add a signature that can contain a link to your page. You will not only add a backlink, but you will also build a reputation in the community.

Add Internal Links

Google considers the links within your own site. Therefore, it is important to add links that connect your web pages. When creating links on your site, use relevant keywords that are also used on the page to which you refer. Also, it’s also a good idea to arrange reciprocal linking with your partners.

Use Social Networks

If you’re on any social networks, you should not miss placing links to your site on your Twitter account or your Facebook page.

Use Social Bookmarking

Heard of Digg or Reddit? Add your website to social bookmarking sites to reach an even wider audience.

Buy or Exchange Backlinks

When purchasing or exchanging backlinks you should be careful not to buy at a large number of link exchange sites because you can be penalized for such practices. Purchasing and advertising exchange links can be found on portals like

Which link building technique do you find most useful? Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.