Search Engine Advertising for Your Business

March 23rd, 2012

You might already be familiar with advertising in search engines. Displayed in search results, these small text ads called “sponsored links”, are also referred to as PPC ads, since visitors pay per click. What are the benefits? How should you start a campaign?

Benefits of PPC

The biggest advantage of PPC advertising in search engines such as Google, is that you pay per visitor. There is no need to spend money on ad views but instead, ad clicks! You’ll be sure those who click on your ad, are truly interested in what you offer.

As explained in our previous post Pros and Cons of Online Advertising, you can target your audience with precision by choosing your ad’s location, language, time, and of course the keywords associated with your products or service. Regarding finances, you have control over your online ad campaign at all times!

Set your goals!

Before you start your campaign, your first step should be to set your goals and plan out your strategy. Your goals may span from building your brand image, expanding traffic, to increasing sales. We suggest modifying the ad text and keywords according to the real purposes of your campaign for higher efficiency!

1) Brand awareness: Search engine advertising is not always the most suitable form of building brand awareness. It is quite likely that people who are looking for something else besides your product, will not pay attention to your advertising.

2) Heighten traffic: Choose very general keywords that have a lower cost per click so you reach out to a wider range of potential visitors.

3) Increase sales: Choose very specific keywords in the ad which include your offers, discounts, etc. As a result, people who see your ads will be clicking because they are interested in your offer!

Online campaigns are a powerful online weapon! In the sequel, we’ll guide you on how to prepare an effective and successful campaign. Does your business use PPC ads? Or do you need to know how to create your business website first?