RSS: When a Visitor Becomes Your Reader

October 29th, 2012

A long-term commitment with your visitors through RSS is essential for the professional development of your website. More than eight million websites currently use RSS, of which 1.6 million are the most popular websites on the web: BBC, Yahoo, Amazon and many others. Do not miss your chance to grab visitors and turn them into constant readers!

RSS simplifies your Internet browsing

RSS is a handy tool for those of us who consume a lot of content on the web. Using this tool, a person doesn’t need to go to all the sites to look for something new- all updates will be automatically sent to RSS readers. Therefore, RSS technology allows everyone to form their own information area with RSS aggregators.

Many users prefer this form of engagement because:

1) There’s no SPAM. The visitor may hesitate to leave their email address because of the chances of receiving spam. Having created an RSS feed of the site in the RSS reader, users can always remove it in case of SPAM.

2) It’s up-to-date. News from different websites arrives in an RSS reader at the moment they’re added to their websites.

3) It’s a time saver. With the fully automatic process, time is not lost trying to find the most interesting things on the website.

Make your visitors your permanent readers

Create RSS feeds for your website! RSS is the foundation of quality and success of frequent messages. If you start using it, you’ve won half the battle. However, you can continue to optimize it for your needs:

1. Decide how much to say in RSS

You can put the entire article in the RSS feed for the recipient to read what is new directly in their RSS reader – and they become your reader. Also it is possible to display only the beginning of the article. In this case, the recipient sees the introduction of the article in the RSS reader and comes to your site – they become your reader, but also your visitor. In this case, select the Message format in RSS to “First paragraph”, but make sure the introduction is attractive enough.

2. Use RSS to provide important information in the footer

Have some important or interesting information? A change in opening hours or even a new product? News in the footer on the RSS page is an ideal place for it.

3. Get valuable statistics from RSS

For your RSS feeds use a sophisticated tool that can monitor how people received your RSS or indicate how many people opened an article. In this case, set RSS to redirect to “Yes”. Here you can add your own link that you create in services like FeedBurner or Feedostyle. The detailed results will tell you which messages have succeeded and which have failed to grab attention.

The contribution of RSS to your site

Links to the RSS feeds on your site are displayed on each page and are ready for immediate delivery. However, you can still promote them. Mention your RSS feed for your customers to get news in e-mails, newsletters, social networks and others. Do not forget to use the characteristic orange icon.

The use of RSS feeds on your site will help you communicate with your audience, reach your potential customers or devoted fans. In this way you can ensure that your content is read by your subscribers, but also helps you optimize your website – links coming to your website are created automatically for each item.

It is said that RSS subscribers are your most engaged community. Do you agree? Do you use RSS? Share your experience with the Webnode community! Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.