RSS feeds – automatic delivery of articles from the Web

July 28th, 2011

Articles in Webnode

RSS, RSS channel, RSS feed or web feed. Under these names there is a great tool that informs visitors of your webpage about all your actualities. RSS feeds in Webnode are creating automatically short messages from the news or in general from any content created by sections and send it to your visitors.

How does it work?

Those interested in subscribing the messages from RSS feeds just by one click add a RSS feed of your website to their RSS reader.  When you create a new article, RSS feed will automatically record it and send its information to the RSS subscriber to the reader. So, the user is always informed about news on your web and can not miss something.

RSS and where the users can find them.

How do the user receive RSS feed?

There are basically two options. The first way is to use so called online readers, a web site (applications, which are specially created for receiving FSS feeds (for example Google Reader or NetVibes). The software readers are another option, so readers which a user has installed somehow on his computer or smartphone. They can be special programs for RSS feeds (such as Feed Reader or RSS Bandit) or it is possible to use the reader in a web browser. At present, the RSS reader is already built-in to all the most used browsers.

RSS feeds on the page Webnode

Webnode not only creates RSS feeds from its own content, but allows also generate web page content of the other RSS. Do you want to display on your website the information about the events in your town, what your friend is writing about or cultural news? Enter the address of the RSS feeds of the web to the generator of the service, Feed Wind or Feed.informer, set the parameters that you like and get Html code. Then insert it in Webnode like any other Html user’s widget (“Web editor” – the button “Widgets” – “Embed code”).

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