Reassure Your Customers with Order Tracking

December 6th, 2011

Quality products, good packaging, and reliable delivery. Your top quality services just miss one thing. Reassurance. To be certain customers have their mind at ease while waiting for a delivery, take advantage of the tracking tool in your e-shop.

Provide tracking information

Reduce customer anxiety by confirming that their package is en route. Provide information about its location and estimated arrival. Customers can save a lot of time planning when and where to collect the package if they know its location at any time. As for you, no more stress or time wasted, you don’t need to persistently convince impatient customers that their package will arrive safe and sound.

How does it work?

Add the tracking URL (displayed at the carrier’s website) to the Shipment tracking URL field in your e-shop settings. Customers get an email after their package is delivered, containing the package number you entered for the order along with other information you provided. A link in the email will lead to all data related to the delivery.

Your chosen delivery company

All major delivery companies now have information about tracking on their websites. Tracking is also an integral part of every Webnode e-shop. Increase credibility. Just provide your customers with a detailed overview of their package in transit. Make the most of your e-shop; your customers will surely appreciate it!

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