Quick Tip: Why Your Site Needs a Search Bar

July 31st, 2012

Web users have had many choices on how to search, and these past years Google search has made it to the top. Users just enter a search term and get results instantly. Your website works the same way! Is your website prepared for search queries?

Searching made easy for better results

Every website at Webnode comes with a search field on every page, ready for search queries! Visitors can use the website in the way they usually do, so they’ll surely feel at ease.

A search field helps users find words or names which they write differently from what’s in the website. If the searched item cannot be found in the menu or site map, there’s a high chance it will be found through a search field!

Your search field also has an advanced search feature as illustrated above

Find out what users search for on your site

With the ability to link your website with Google Analytics, you can easily find out what words users searched for on your site. You can then change certain names or descriptions. You can also use these keywords when optimizing your site and PPC campaigns. What’s more, thanks to the search, you see what people find on your website, and you can edit contents accordingly.

Make sure to read this step-by-step SEO guide.

Users often request the removal of the search field. However, we suggest keeping this familiar, user-friendly tool on your site! Your visitors will be grateful!