Quick Tip: What Your Contact Info Block Shouldn’t Be Missing

February 12th, 2013

When you create your Webnode website, a Contact block appears which displays your contact information on every page of your site. If your visitors are browsing on any of your web pages, they will be able to contact you easily. What information should you have on your contact page?

The contact information on a website is not just to make your visitors reach you easily, but it also provides credibility to your whole company. What shouldn’t the contact information be missing?

Modify the basic contact info that appears on each page

Every visitor should be able to contact you in the way most comfortable for them. Aside from your company’s name, you should include:

  • whole address
  • telephone (or fax) number
  • email
  • contact us form
  • map

If you use social networks, add your social contact to your site (see our instructions on how to add a Facebook Like Box or a Twitter button.)

To increase credibility, be sure to add the following elements as well:

  • tax identification number
  • business license number
  • bank account number

Log in to your website and update your contact information today! Not only complete, but current information is important, too. You can read more about how to change the contact information on your website. Make sure to read this step-by-step SEO guide.