Quick Tip: Take Advantage of the Facebook Comments Box

August 7th, 2012

Open your website for discussion with a Facebook Comments Box and profit from all the advantages it gives you! Here are some good reasons to add a Comments Box and how you can add it to your website at Webnode!

A platform where visitors can share their opinion is already an indispensable part of any modern website. For a discussion space, you can add Webnode’s own discussion forum or use any of the external services for website communication. Another is Facebook comments.

Why use a Facebook Comments Box

The Comments Box is familiar to your website visitors because they know it either from Facebook or from other websites. They already know how it works and therefore, will have fewer obstacles to face when using it. This feature also takes you into consideration. Not only are most comments shown on your website, but they also appear on your Facebook profile. The information on your website will spread among friends in the most popular social network, and provides efficiency and absolutely free advertising for your website!

How to add a Comments Box to your page

In the website editor click on “Other” and under “Social network” select the Facebook comments option. A window will open where you can select how your comments will appear on the site:

Then put these comments wherever you want to know the opinion of visitors: News, Products, Gallery or even on a separate page for discussions.

And finally, yet another advantage: you’ll be amazed at how the use of Facebook comments suddenly reduces the amount of provocations and spam. You can look forward to a lot of meaningful and constructive comments, that visitors will write all by themselves!

Have you added the Comments Box yet? What’s your experience? Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.