Quick Tip: Speed Up Your Site

September 11th, 2012

A slow loading webpage can be a real drag to every visitor on your website. Not just to visitors. Even Google does not favor sites that display content that loads slowly. Did you know that you have just seven seconds to keep your visitor on your website? Don’t cut this time even shorter! We’ll show you how to save valuable seconds.

Page loading speed is mainly affected by content (images, text, other auxiliary files) that you have on your website. Your images are the ones which are loaded last. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Images on websites are often larger than necessary. A full-size photograph right on your homepage can cause a disaster! Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

Reduce image size. This can be done either on your computer or using a quick tool directly in Webnode. This tool can be found in the web editor where you store all your images, in “Files and Images”.

Select the image you want to resize, (click in the left corner) and click on the blue square called “Resize” on the top bar.

You can also resize multiple images together. In just one click.

Then enter the new dimension and save the changes.

Optimal image size is usually 200 x 200 px.

If you’re already worried at the thought of your full gallery of photos, don’t be! Images in your photogallery won’t be affected by the problem with image size. When you upload images, Webnode automatically changes their size to a maximum of 1280 x 1280 pixels. Therefore, at this small size, they can be loaded as quickly as possible and at the same time in a size that is comfortable for your visitors to view.

How fast does your homepage load? Could it be even faster? Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.