Quick Tip: How to Display Products on the Homepage of Your E-shop

March 19th, 2013

How to edit products in WebnodeDo you have the perfect product in your e-shop but your customers are just not buying it? Display it on the homepage of your site! Show off the most popular pieces on your online shelves, highlight any hard-to-sell jewelry, or display the most popular merchandise to your visitors. In this article, we’ll show you how.

Have you decided which product you want on your homepage? If yes, start editing the product by clicking on the tool icon on the upper right corner and click on “Advanced”. Just below the tabs, next to “Special offer”, click “Yes” and save all changes.

How to edit products in Webnode

Edit product in advanced settings. Select Special offer – Yes.

Now jump back to your homepage. In the toolbar, click on “E-shop” to see “Special offer”.

How to edit products in Webnode

In the toolbar at the top of the page under “E-shop”

Of the three options, choose the “Special offer” button and when the window opens, click OK.

How to edit products in Webnode

Name the content block as you wish

Create a new block for your page which displays all the merchandise that you have chosen for the offer. The block can be moved, for example, so it becomes the first thing visible on your page.

Make your homepage so nice that anyone who sees it will fall in love. Insert the block not just here but anywhere you wish. Add it so it appears on every page of your e-shop.

Do you have the best products on your homepage? Add your website link and show it off to other Webnode fans! If you don’t have your own eshop yet check step by step guide first.