Quick Tip: Promote Yourself Online with LinkedIn On Your Website

July 22nd, 2013

How to add LinkedIn to your websiteDescribing the benefits of your products and services is sometimes only the first step in convincing your visitors. Professionals give importance to other factors. They want to see our personal guarantee, our experience. The same is true if you created your page to find work, and you’ve published a portfolio of projects. If people like what they see, they will also want to see your CV and your experience with other companies. And that’s why a LinkedIn card on your site is an advantage. Discover more benefits on having LinkedIn on your Webnode website in this article.

LinkedIn now has 200 million professionals around the world interacting with each other every day, and creating opportunities. Whether it’s to provide jobs, look for new business partners, it means sharing information. When someone sees an interesting site, they will share it in their network. Then come the reviews, the comments, and that’s where opportunity opens to visit your profile.

Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile on Your Website

  • If your visitors are professionals in a particular sector, they may contact you directly and become part of your network.
  • When your best guarantee is experience. This encourages credibility among your potential customers.
  • If you are actively looking for work and your website is your online CV, your visitors will have the chance to visit your profile and invite you to be a contact.
  • The contact card shows the contacts and the type of relationship. This unexpectedly, can generate a beneficial approach.

Adding Your LinkedIn Profile To Your Website

Start filling out your LinkedIn profile. Don’t leave anything out. The more information you have about your experience, the more credibility you will have. Your profile can also include the address of your website to promote it. And just a tip, your own domain conveys professionalism. Whether you are already working or still a student, you will see that your attitude and motivation are key. You can see an example in the pages of my colleague Roberto Cortez.

Once you’ve created your account, log in and then click on this link.

You will find different official widgets at LinkedIn. In this article, we will focus on a member profile and company profile.

a) Member profile:

Go to “Member profile” and click on the contact card version and click on “Get it”.

member profile Linkedin

On the next screen, select “Inline” to make it look like a contact card and click on “Get code” to get the code to copy as a widget on your Webnode site.

Build a member profile

If you only want this personal card, skip to step C.

b) Company Profile:

To get a company contact card, select “Company profile” and click “Get it”. In this case there is only one option to select. By default, you will see the name of the company you’re working for if you have a LinkedIn company profile. Select “Inline” to open a window as you can see in the example below. Click “Get Code” for the embed code you need.

c) Embed the widget on your website:

Now log in your site editor to insert the Linkedin profile widget to your Webnode site. If you don’t remember how, click here.

I hope this LinkedIn widget on your website will help you get new job opportunities. And once you have it on your site, don’t forget to share it in the comments. You never know who will visit you!

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