Quick Tip: Promote your links with images!

August 28th, 2012

As the proverb says, a picture can paint a thousand words. And in the fast world of the Internet this is twice as true. In many cases the text is indispensable, but there are a number of elements which create a much better look than the text version. These include using links. Be innovative and add links to images. Read on, we know how to do it!

You’ve surely noticed that today written communication has been replaced by visual presentation. Remember banners and the increasingly popular infographics. So why not use images as well on your site?

Choose a suitable image of good quality that you’d like to use as a link (for how to insert image, please see our instructions on adding images).

Click on the picture to highlight it so the system will know that you want to just insert a link. Then, in the toolbar at the top click on “Insert Link” to open the box called “Link”. You can choose from several types of links:

Inserting links in Webnode

After selecting a link type, in the “URL” field put the right web address (another website, article, uploaded file or image). Then click on the “Insert” button to link to the image.

Easier than you thought? Now your visitors will always notice your links! And finally one more saying: everything can be overdone. Images and links, too. We thus recommend that you use them primarily for important communication – special offers, a new article, affiliate banners etc.

Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.