Quick Tip: Paste Contents on Every Page in an Instant

August 14th, 2012

You’d like for your products on sale, a Facebook Like Box, or perhaps a banner for an affiliate program to always be visible on your website. How to do this? Just set them to appear on every page. In Webnode you can do it in 5 clicks!

It’s really easy! You can add content onto each page through the template’s advanced settings (Web editor – Website Template – Advanced settings).

A new window entitled “Advanced template settings” opens. Here you can see all content that can be inserted: a content block, survey, articles, product catalogs, and a variety of widgets.

Have you chosen one? If yes, then drag the selected content into place on the right or left column of the site and edit it like any normal site content.

Done! The only thing left is to click in the upper right corner and close the advanced settings. Changes are immediately reflected on the website. Now your visitors will not miss any of your important content!

Note: If later you want to change or delete content, you must go to advanced settings again since this cannot be done through the standard web editor.

What will you put on every page, your best-selling products, your Twitter profile or something else entirely? Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.