Quick Tip: Make an “Our Team” Page

October 26th, 2012

How to make an Our Team pageYou know that the people in your company or association make up the best team in the world. They deserve to be presented on your website in a clear and stylish manner. If you use Lists, no visitor will doubt that your team is a group of professionals!

You’ll find the List feature on the toolbar. To insert a new list of your team members, click on the “List” and “New list”.

Add a New List

Insert a New list

Name the list and insert it in your page. Click on “Add item” to add the first team member and complete the following fields:

Name – add the name or nickname
Image – upload a photograph or any image
Text field – insert a description of the person – such as job role and contact details. You can also add links and various widgets. Editing a text field is as easy as editing any other text in Webnode.

Create a list in Webnode

Add a new team member to “Our Team” easily

Add other people on your team in the same way by clicking on “Add item” .

The final appearance of “Our Team”

Detailed instructions on working with lists are available in our Guide. A list can function as a contact list, but also as a list of references or a list of goods offered.

Have you created an “Our team” page? Show it to us! Make sure to read this step-by-step SEO guide.