Quick Tip: Insert social buttons to any page of your website

December 13th, 2012

When you add articles or products to your website, social networking buttons automatically appear along with them. Visitors can instantly share a page with new posts or products with friends. But what to do if you want to add social buttons to other pages of your website, like a photogallery? It’s easier than you thought!

Social buttons automatically appear in news articles

You can easily insert social buttons to any page of your website using “AddThis”. The following example shows you how to insert them to a photogallery.

Open your page with the photogallery and in the toolbar, click “Gadgets” and choose “Social networks” and “AddThis service”.

Drag AddThis to the page with the photogallery, and select Widget style. Confirm your selection by clicking “OK.”

Choice of style of social network buttons

Social networking buttons now appear on the page:

The final appearance of social network buttons

Use social networking buttons to the maximum! Login to your website and add them today! Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.