Quick tip: I Can’t Find My Website on Google

July 3rd, 2012

“My website doesn’t appear in Google search results.” This is a common issue that we get at our customer support mainly from concerned users who have recently made a website and cannot find it in search engine results. How can you speed up the process of having your site appear?

All search engines require time to recognize your site and show it in search results. For starters, you can help them speed up the process by manually inserting your website link at Google Webmaster Tools (registration required).

To display your site in the top positions in search engine results you’ll need to stick to some basic rules:

  • Have original and frequently updated content
  • Use keywords
  • Make sure to refer to other visited websites
  • Use your own domain (e.g. myweb.com)

To know more about how to optimize your website for the highest possible position in search engine results, we recommend reading our tips on increasing website traffic. You will find step by step instructions on how to help your website climb to the top of search rankings!

How do you help your website appear faster in search results? Make sure to read this step-by-step SEO guide.