Quick Tip: How to Exclude Your Own Visits from Google Analytics Stats

May 15th, 2013

Did you know that statistics in Google Analytics also include your own access to your site? Fortunately there is an easy way to make your statistics more accurate. The following tip will show you how to quickly remove your IP address in the statistics of traffic to your site.

1. In your Google Analytics account, click in the upper right corner on “Admin”.

2. Select the profile (website) for which you want to create a filter.

3. Click on “Filters” and “New filter”.

5. Name the new filter “Work” when visiting or editing your website in the office and select the option to exclude “traffic from the IP addresses”. You can find your IP address when you click on the address whatismyipaddress.com. Enter your IP address in the field that appears after you select the option to exclude IP address.

I recommend you create a filter for all the places where web editing or visit, such as a home, from friends, but also mobile. The procedure is the same. Once created, filters are also stored in your account and can be easily enabled on your other websites.

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