Quick Tip: How to choose the right template for your site

May 29th, 2012

At Webnode, you can give your website a professional look instantly with no knowledge of web design or programming. There are thousands of original templates, just choose the best for your purpose. How do you choose correctly? Which template is suitable for you? Read on for our tips!

What kind of website do you want to create?

Depending on whether you’re creating a personal page, a business website, or an online store, you’ll want to choose the best style that fits your purpose.

What content are you presenting on the website?

Both the type and amount of content will determine the appropriate template for your page. Generally, templates have either a vertical or a horizontal menu. Horizontal menus can only accommodate a limited number of tabs. Therefore, if your site will include many pages and subpages, choose a vertical menu.

Examples of templates with different menu types

What is the profile of your target audience?

If your website targets young people, an original and informal design with a variety of colors is best. Whereas if your target is more of an adult audience, the best option can be to choose a more conservative and formal style.

Once you resolve the initial questions and you have a clear picture of your website’s design, it’s time to start testing the styles until you reach the desired outcome. Find more information on how to change the template.

Changing the template will not cause any loss of site content. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs to find the best look! Do you want to design your own website? Try the step-by-step guide.