Quick Tip: How to Allow Visitors to Upload Files Through Your Website

September 25th, 2019
Create forms in Webnode website builder and allow visitors to upload files and images

Do you need to receive files or pictures from the visitors of your website? With our forms, it’s easy. Set up everything in just a few clicks and have all the files sent directly to your e-mail address.

All you need is a form with the file upload field and your visitors can send you pictures and files quickly and conveniently. The uploaded content will be simultaneously sent to your e-mail and saved in the administration of your project.

You can add the field for uploading files as easily as any other element. It can be part of your contact form or a simple separate form created specifically for this purpose. When you’ll decide where you’d like to place it on your website, click on the plus button for adding new content. In the pop-up, choose the form you’d like to create and then add the individual fields. Once you publish the changes, your visitors can immediately start uploading their files. See our Knowledgebase article on how to work with forms for more detailed instructions.
Field for file upload in Webnode forms

The “File upload” option in forms

For capacity reasons, this feature of file upload is accessible only to Premium users with Mini, Standard or Profi package. Consider the size of uploaded files as well. If your visitor uploads just a single file, its size limit will be 2 MB. With multiple files uploaded at once, the limit is increased to 7 MB. If you need to receive larger uploads, services such as Dropbox might be a better solution for you.

What is your experience with file upload through a website? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.