Quick Tip: How to Add Testimonials to Your Business Website

August 7th, 2013

How to create testimonialsIn the era of social networking, personal recommendations are gaining increasing importance. Therefore, every company should have a website with a client testimonial page. Your credibility will grow in the eyes of potential customers. It is not enough if customers say nice things about you. If you want to appear professional, your testimonials page has to look perfect. In this article we’ll show you how to do it.
1) Click on “New Page”. Name your testimonials page and select “List”.

Create a list in Webnode

How to write a testimonial

2) On your testimonial page, click “New item”. In the window that will open, add the name of your customer and click on the box below to add their photo. Type the customer’s quote in the text field. Text should be short, concise, and the client should briefly explain their experience and show what you have done for them.

Edit your testimonial

Source: http://www.coachdez.com/

3) Now you just need to fine-tune the overall look. Open the “Settings” of your content block and click the box “Trim text”. If the quote is too long, choose “Yes”. To shorten the text, click “No”.

How to add testimonials

Large images enhance your testimonial page, like this page by Dez Stephens.

Good testimonials are your best advertisement. Pay maximum attention to them!

Share your testimonial page with the Webnode community in comments. Are you planning to create your own business website? Take a look at step by step guide.