Quick Tip: How to Add a Pin it Button

January 8th, 2013

Images are a powerful way of communicating your message to visitors and promoting your business online. To get even more out of this opportunity, extend the reach of your images and allow them to be visible to a wider audience. Reach this with the help of the “Pin it” button by Pinterest, the social network of image sharing.

To start adding a “Pin it” button, sign up to Pinterest: either login with your Facebook or Twitter account, or create a new account with your e-mail address.

Go to “About” and click on “Pin It Button”. Find the “Pin It Button for Web Sites”. Fill in the fields with the address of your website and the URL of the image to pin. In this step, you can also add a description of the page to be pinned.

The system generates a code that you embed on your website. In your web editor, add the code as a widget to your page you indicated above. It’s ready! Your new “Pin it” button is working.

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Already a Pinterest fan? Share your website and how you would use this tool to promote it.