Quick Tip: How to Add a Paypal Donation Button to Your Site

November 6th, 2012

It’s common to see a donation button on websites that don’t sell any products. Nonprofit organizations or owners of websites that offer unique content, often opt for the donation system. The reason is because it’s in their interest to have more people access their content, but are aware that not everyone can afford it. By making a donation, visitors encourage the site owner to continue their work and in a way, say “Thank you.”.

Learn how to create a PayPal donation button and place the button on your Webnode site with the help of this article. PayPal is one of the most well-known and commonly used methods for online sales and payments. If your website does not sell products but offers information and quality services for which you don’t ask anything in return, remember you can still make money!

Login to your Paypal account. Click “Merchant Services”.

In Key features, click “Donations”.

Next, customize your button and click “Select Code”. Copy the embed code and add the widget to your Webnode project!

Fast and easy! Do you already have this button on your website? Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.