Quick Tip: How to Add a Facebook Badge to Your Site

September 4th, 2012

Add a Facebook profile badge to your website. Whether you have a blog, personal website or even a travel website, you can use a badge as a business card to share your Facebook activities with all visitors. See how easy it can be done!

What is the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook profile? A page can be made by a firm, institution, interest groups, celebrities, etc. In contrast, a Facebook profile can only be used by a real person. Any violation to Facebook page guidelines result in a Facebook profile / page being removed with no possibility of restoring it.

Follow these 3 steps to insert a Facebook badge into your website:

1. Go to your profile and click the gear icon on the right. From the options select “Add a Badge to Your Site.”

2. If necessary, adjust the display items of the badge using the “Edit this badge” option on the right. Then click on the blue button “Other.”

3. Copy the generated code and paste it according to the instructions on how to add a widget to your Webnode website.

Done! If in the future, you want to remove displayed items or add some more items to the badge, go to Facebook to adjust the badges as you wish. Changes are then automatically reflected on the site.

Show us your site with your Facebook badge! Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.