Quick Tip: Get feedback from your customers quickly and easily

October 30th, 2012

Without any feedback, it’s hard to assess whether your customers are satisfied or if your efforts make any sense at all. A survey is an effective tool for knowing about customer demands and satisfaction. You can discover not only what the customer really wanted, but also how satisfied they are with your existing services. How can you create and share a survey that reflects customer satisfaction and consumer demands?

To create the survey, we chose Survio. This not only makes it easy and free to create a clean-cut survey but also provides several pre-made templates (not only) for customer feedback.

First register in Survio if you haven’t done so yet. In our example, we show you how to create a survey about website feedback using one of the predefined templates.

After logging in, click on “New survey” and enter into the wizard to create the survey. Select “Survey template” and select the category “Customer Feedback” and “Website feedback”.

Select a template questionnaire

You can freely modify, add, or delete the questions. Everything works as easily as when editing your Webnode site.

Easy survey editing

Once you have completed the survey, just choose a stylish design (if done well, share your survey on social networks or by e-mail).

Then copy the embed code into the page. You can find it in the “Collect responses” under “Website – Survey widget”.

Generating a widget to insert into your Webnode site

Go to your Webnode editor and click on “Surveys” (web editor – “Gadgets” – “Miscellaneous” – “Surveys (Survio).” After confirming, the survey immediately appears on the page.

Inserting a widget into a page in Webnode

The results of the Survio survey are graphically processed and you can also download them in various formats (xls, pdf, etc.) to your computer.

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