Quick Tip: Display Your Photo Gallery in 3 Unique Ways

March 5th, 2013

Quick Tip

When you have many photo galleries on your website, it’s easy for your visitors to get lost! We will show you three quick and interesting ways how you can insert photo galleries on your website to captivate your visitors.
You can add a new photo gallery by following our instructions “How to create a new photo gallery?”. Once you are done with uploading the gallery and pictures, you can adjust the display properties. In the “Settings” of each gallery, you can choose the number of displayed photos and the size of picture thumbnails.

#1 Present Pictures in Rows

The first way is to have galleries in rows – one under another. For each, you’ll need to set the number of displayed pictures in the gallery. To keep it clear, we suggest having each gallery in one row.

#2 Display Only the First Picture

Another option is to show only the preview of the first picture of each photo gallery. Therefore, when visitors click on the preview, the whole photo gallery open automatically. Changing the page layout will get the photo galleries to appear next to each other. Here, try setting the photo preview to large.

#3 Photo Galleries on Subpages

A third way is to place photo galleries on separate sub-pages. On the main page, add an introductory picture with a short description of a given photo gallery (for example, by inserting tables). Then link the picture to the sub-page where your photo gallery is located.

Remember to change the picture preview to the correct size.

Which of these options will you choose for your website? Or maybe you have some other method for inserting photo galleries? Tell us in the comments or write on our Facebook fanpage! Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.