Quick Tip: Choose the Best Layout for Your Website

January 29th, 2013

How to organize your website contentYour website comes with a set layout: the columns on your site are arranged in a certain pattern. Did you know you can customize the arrangement to your benefit? Find out why a layout is vital to a good user experience and improve your website’s efficiency with just a couple of clicks!

What is the page layout and why is it important?

A layout is the overall structure of your website, the set location of the header and columns. An efficient layout is the essence of good web navigation. Users find what they need fast, and even get a good visual experience when visiting your website. Keep your visitors in mind if you want to change the layout to your advantage.

How to choose a website layout

Types of layouts (remember each template has different layout options!)

The main rule is to arrange your website content based on the function of your website. If you run a blog, make sure the main column in the middle is your blog column (see 1, 3, 4 above). If you run an e-shop, you might want to choose layout 3 to greet your buyers with product info, special offers, last-minute sales, etc. If you’re a designer, show off your work instantly with the layout that has an upper bar (see 2 above). In fact, if you want to apply our new animated header template, this layout is the best solution.

Choosing the website layout

The effect of 3 different layouts in a Photolia template

How to switch layouts

It’s very easy to set a new layout. Just click on “Page layout” on your toolbar and choose between a number of efficient arrangements.

See our short guide on how to change a page layout for more information.

Which layout do you find to be the best for your website? Be sure to also read the step-by-step guide for working with the website builder.