Quick Tip: Chat On Your Website With Livechatoo

September 18th, 2012

How to add Livechatoo to Webnode

Visitors who come to your website every day might need your immediate help. Embed online chat on your website and be readily available at all times. Use this simple and free way to increase the number of satisfied customers and eventually, orders!

There is no business sector, where online chat doesn’t have a positive effect on customer care. Therefore, many services came about which offer this useful tool: Zopim, Olark, SnapEngage, Userlike and Livechatoo.

The following example shows you how to create an online chat with Livechatoo.

Insert a Chat Window to Your Website

First, sign up free on Livechatoo. After verifying your e-mail, sign in to your Livechatoo account as an administrator and create a chat window to insert into your website. Set the text and color, and then copy the generated code:

How to embed Livechatoo

Then go to your Webnode website editor. Under advanced settings, with a drag and drop of the “Gadgets” icon, paste the copied embed code. The chat box will immediately appear on your site.

Create an operator

Your chat window still appears offline. You need to add an operator, that is, access for the person who will communicate with the visitor. Go back to your account and in the top bar, click on the “Operators” tab. Here click on “New operator” and fill out the form and save.

Embed chat

This newly created operator then has their own practical work area. This appears at sign in with specified credentials. After logging in, the operator can immediately start to interact with site visitors.

Add a Livechatoo chat box

Do you use any services for online chat? Tell us about your experience. Thank you!

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